Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Buy K-8 Interactive Math CD

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Buy K-8 Interactive Math CD:
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  • Y!M: namhyhoangphong
  • Price: 25$ + 5$ (shipping) / 01 K-8 Interactive Math of Home Edition CD (Vietnamese language)
  • Dilivery: Vietnam shipping will be done by the HNC Service where practical. 
  • Available: pay on delivery or pay after delivery (Chấp nhận hình thức thanh toán: giao hàng & nhận tiền hoặc giao hàng trước nhận tiền sau).

    Features of the K-8 Interactive Math Class CD

    Over 3000 Interactive Arithmetic Lesson pages for grades K-8. Each lesson contain:
    • An explanation of the concept
    • Unlimited practice problems
    • Immediate feedback to prevent practicing incorrect methods
    • Challenge games
    Each lesson page has a "Report Totals" button that provides a summary of the number of problems completed and the scores. This report can be printed or copied into an email. The CD has a printable progress report form for each grade. This printed table of lessons can be used to record the student's practice and improvements. The lessons are arranged into grades (K-8) and into math topic areas (e.g. division).

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